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Term and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of the website, together with the conditions of contracting and the provision of services that may be established, are intended to regulate both the provision of information and the commercial relations that arise between Fashion Balloons Decorations and its users. By browsing the web and using or acquiring the products and services offered therein, you acquire the status of user.

All the content of the website including the photos, texts, designs, software, logos, graphics, icons, buttons and images are the property of Fashion Balloons Decorations, and may not be used, copied, reproduced, edited, distributed or modified by any person or company, under any circumstances, neither partial nor total, for personal or lucrative use, more than with prior written authorization from Fashion Balloons Decorations. If you violate this clause, the person or company responsible for this shall bear all legal expenses and damages caused to Fashion Balloons Decorations.

Fashion Balloons Decorations is not obliged to provide updates or improvements to the Website. However, if Fashion Balloons Decorations, in its sole discretion, updates, changes, decreases or improves the Website, these terms and conditions will apply to such updates, changes, decreases, improvements, etc., unless otherwise explicitly stated. For this purpose, Fashion Balloons Decorations will inform the user about the updates, changes, decreases, improvements, etc., and the latter must give its acceptance if it wants to continue using the Website.

To make the shipments, the customer must indicate the exact address, house or apartment number, name of the urbanization if it is possible to attach the location with all the data mentioned above. If they send a wrong address, you will have an additional charge for the delivery and the responsibility will be solely on the customer.

At Fashion Balloons Decorations we appreciate being attentive to the arrival of your order. In case it cannot be located by telephone or physically, the mobility will proceed to withdraw from the place of delivery, and you will be charged a shipment back to the workshop and another back to the delivery address at the time indicated by the customer who is available to receive the order.

Latex balloons with helium have an approximate duration of 8 hours, in Fashion Balloons Decorations we guarantee their durability of 48 hours or more. Micro foil or metallized balloons will last more than 7 days, depending on weather conditions and treatment.

We recommend that you do not leave the Bouquet or any product that includes balloons in a place exposed to the sun or wind. We are not responsible for any damages that may be caused.

For their safety, that of children and pets, when balloons deflate or explode, they must be discarded. Keep waste away of children and pets, as they can choke. At Fashion Balloons Decorations we are not responsible for any incidents generated by the improper handling of balloon waste.

Metal balloons can be transmitters of electricity. Please avoid releasing them or bringing them closer to electricity cables.

If they mobilize the decoration from one place to another it is under the sole responsibility of the client, and in Fashion Balloons Decorations we are not responsible for the damages that the decoration may suffer in the transfer process.

In case of postponing the delivery, availability will be checked to schedule a new date.

In case of cancellation of the service, you must inform yourself well in advance, i.e., a minimum of 48 hours for products and 5 days for decorations. If these deadlines are met, only 50% of what has been paid will be refunded. If you do not comply with the stipulated times for the cancellation of the service or product, no refunds will be made.

The customer is satisfied to understand and comply with the conditions described herein. The shipments that are made with any deviation for not having considered the previous points and having provided incomplete information of shipment, payment, request of products is at the expense of the customer, in addition to causing delays beyond our control in the proper reception of our products, as well as in their satisfaction in the purchase process.

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